The Square and the Tower Niall Ferguson
The Square and the Tower Niall Ferguson The Square and the Tower Niall Ferguson
Barkod :9780141984810
Boyut : 16.00x24.00
Sayfa Sayısı :608
Basım Tarihi : 2018
Kapak Türü : Ciltsiz
Kağıt Türü : 2. Hamur
Dili : İngilizce
Format : Kitap
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'Silicon Valley needed a history lesson and Ferguson has provided it' Eric Schmidt

Most history is about the people at the top of the towers of power. But what if the real action is in the social networks down below, in the town squares? Niall Ferguson, the international bestselling author of Empire, The Ascent of Money and Civilization, brilliantly recasts past and present as an unending contest between hierarchies and networks.

'Provocative, snappy, a rare book ... fasten your seatbelts' Peter Frankopan, Daily Telegraph

'Immensely stimulating, absorbing, illuminating ... sends ideas blazing all over the place ... one of the best popular historians of our time' David Goodhart, Prospect

'Powerful, fast-paced ... a pull-yourself-together warning to the present by way of arresting historical precedent' Andrew Anthony, Guardian

'Captivating and compelling' Jonathan A. Knee, The New York Times

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