Translation, Obscenity and Censorship in Turkey: Avni İnsel as a Translator and Patron of Popular Erotic Literature

Devrim Ulaş Arslan

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The purpose of this research is to problematize Avni İnsel's insistent promotion of popular erotic literature in the Turkish culture repertoire both as a translator and a patron mainly in the 1940s. Avni İnsel (1915-1969) was a controversial translator and publisher who attracted a great deal of attention in the 1940s thanks to his translations. These led to a considerable amount of public debate in Turkish literary circles over obscenity and morality. Furthermore, he was tried on charges of obscene publication in 1948 and found guilty. Within this context, this research dwelled on subjects of translation, obscenity, and censorship in Turkey by scrutinizing İnsel's activities as a translator and patron in the Turkish culture repertoire. This research has shown that Avni İnsel systematically and deliberately promoted popular erotic literature as an option in the Turkish culture repertoire mainly in the 1940s and shaped the discussions and debates on translated and indigenous erotic literature by resisting the pressures exerted by conservative forces in society. In addition, the findings of this research have also provided insights into the mechanism of censorship due to obscenity in Turkey and shed light on the discourse produced to criticise the erotic repertoire.


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